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Trenance Chocolate is unique in many ways, not only can you choose from a vast array of all things chocolate you can also see the chocolate being made daily, afternoons are better. The chocolate shop is open daily 10am to 5pm. Trenance chocolate seems to have all tastes covered, from small bite size bars to indulgent boxes of handmade chocolates, they use over 20 tons of chocolate each year, not including the No Added Sugar which hopefully for 2013 will become a regular on the shelves at Trenance not just the occasional visitor!

Chocolate Factory Chocolate Shop Chocolate Factory Chocolate Factory Chocolate Shop

The team at Trenance all have their favourites Emma smiles as she explains we do seem to have to make a lot of milk raspberry hedgehogs each week!

 Jon points out that many of our products are suitable to gluten free diets, all but one of our handmade chocolates, that’s 24 favours, are gluten free. The plain and 71% superior if in a solid form is suitable for lactose intolerant and vegan diets.

Not satisfied with expanding to a new shop the team at Trenance Chocolate are developing new website and re vamping the packaging, Emma, manager, explains we were a little apprehensive to move away from the traditional ‘Trenance gold’ colour but the time felt right with the expansion of the shop and the website.


Chocolate is a small but busy family run business, with some very big ideas for 2013 and beyond, the team looks forward to welcoming you to their new shop soon. Trenance Chocolate is part of the 'Made in Cornwall' scheme, 'Taste of the West' and 'The Guild of Fine Food'.
Visit our shop and factory open 7 days a week, 10am - 5pm. See the chocolates being made in front of your eyes. Hand-pick your favourites and send as an exciting gift pack to a friend via our chocolate delivery service or save them for your own indulgence later.