The llama family

Our Llama Family

 Please visit our llamas in the field behind the car park. They are gentle, inquisitive creatures who may follow you as far as the first stile on the footpath through our land. You can continue onto the cliffs above Mullion Cove and the total walk is about ten minutes.

The llamas were all born in 2010 at Llamaland near Truro and came to the craft centre a year later when they were all coming up to one year old. Although they are mostly short coated, we are hoping at some point to use their fleece here at the centre.

The llama family The llama family The llama family The llama family The llama family

All of the llamas are named, Tim being the brown one and Zebedee who has a brown mark on his forehead,  Legend has a white stripe across his nose and Hans has a dark face and neck. 

Llamas are often kept to protect other livestock from foxes and they seem successful in guarding sheep. They have taken good care of our chickens in the past, although the foxes didn't seem particularly worried by the llamas at all!

Look forward to seeing you here soon.
Tim, Legend, Zebedee and Hans